I’ve just released the latest version of Doppelganger for Windows. When I say ‘latest’, I mean the donkey’s years old version that was up on XBLIG about 5 years ago!

The solution was just sitting on my hard drive, rotting away, so I thought why not. Bring the code up to XNA v4 and bung it up on the site.

It was the first thing I ever wrote in XNA GameStudio – it took about 10 weeks to make, while learning the framework, coding business apps all day and juggling two kids at night. The code is bad- very bad. The graphics, really, really, programmery. Sound is meh (apart from the music I bought in which is pretty cool) but I LOVES it. It owes a MASSIVE debt to Defender and there’s obviously the whole dual worlds of Iridis Alpha going on too. I’m resisting the temptation to add more particles and baddies and weapons as I’ll probably end up breaking it and I don’t think I could stomach the code for too long anyways 🙂  (but then I look at the awesome Ultratron update that Cas did and I get all twitchy for a while).

The plan is hopefully to use MonoGame to bring it to Linux, Windows 8 and Mac in between doing other stuff.

It supports Xbox 360 gamepads and may need some perf tweaking if you have an older machine (as the code, is really, really bad).

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